International Cooperation

ICCM International Cooperation Award (ICCM 国际合作奖)

The ICCM International Cooperation Award is presented to an individual who has promoted the development of mathematics in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan through collaboration, teaching, and support of Chinese mathematicians. The inaugural award was presented at the Third International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians in 2004.


2007 ICCM International Cooperation Award
Stanley J. OsherProfessor Osher is awarded the second ICCM International Cooperation Award for his tremendous contributions to the training of Chinese applied mathematicians, for his help and participation in many scientific conferences and workshops in China and Hong Kong, and for his significant research achievements in computational mathematics. Professor Osher is a Professor of Mathematics at University of California at Los Angeles
2004 ICCM International Cooperation Award
John H. Coates The inaugural ICCM International Cooperation Award was given to Professor John Coates for his dedication and devotion to nurturing Chinese mathematicians over the past twenty years. Professor Coates has trained many Chinese students and post-doctoral fellows, and he has been a tremendous influence on their growth as mathematicians. He has selflessly given his time and energy to helping young Chinese mathematicians in secondary schools as well as those engaged in advanced research. Professor Coates embodies the qualities revered by the mathematicians who have benefited from his tutelage: intellectual rigor, respect for others and learning, kindness, and the ability to transcend language and culture. He is the Sadleirian Professor of Pure Mathematics.